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Unofficial Bound Brook Election Results

Atlantic Imaging Group

Added Mild.MembershipProvider to GitHub

Minimal Flooding

Probably my last Hurricane Irene post

What was supposed to happen

Reminiscing on Hurricane Floyd

6 to 7 Feet Predicted in parts of downtown Bound Brook

National Weather Service predicting Flood conditions for Bound Brook

New Job and www.Mild.Net is now in MVC 3!

Infragistics, XAML, jQuery and a job offer

July 2011 Update

Khan Academy

If A, Then B?

June 2011 Update

Mark 1:2

Mark 1:1 Part 2

Mark 1:1

New Sewer Charge for Bound Brook Residents???

Starting an Eight Week Contract thorugh Robert Half Technology

That was fun!

One week of work starting tomorrow

Looking for my Next Paying Website Opportunity