One week of work starting tomorrow

Starting tomorrow I'll be starting a one week position at [confidential] helping them to integrate their [confidential] with their [confidential].  I'm really excited about this.  The stinky thing is I'm only getting a few hundred dollars more than I would already be getting from the unemployment office.  It's nice to get some of the many years I have paid into unemployment.  And, of course, it's only fair that I should work for hire when an opportunity comes.  Although, it doesn't involve any new technologies that I'm interested in, but who knows what other doors may open as a result of this.  And, I really enjoy these short gigs.  They let me dabble in some things, get paid for it, and get a change of scenery.

Also, I recently finished reading Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship.  It was a pretty good read.

The problem going through these recruiters is, well, there is more than one problem.  First problem, they make you sign all these confidentiality things so you can't actually say much about what you are doing.  Second problem, they add $$ to your hourly rate so that you end up costing more to the customer than you actually charge.  But, it seems that employers like them because they do some technical interviews and give you a test to filter out people who really know absolutely nothing about such and such a technology.

So, I'm just continuing to work through the Silverlight 4 training kit from Microsoft. Then, I'll work on improving my design pattern skills more.  Then, if I still don't have a contract, maybe I'll build one or two quick demo website in MVC or Silverlight to showcase new skill areas.


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