New Job and www.Mild.Net is now in MVC 3!

I am really exciting to be starting Monday a new contracting opportunity which will soon convert to full-time employment.  Presently, I am contractually bound as an employee of Robert Half Technology not to disclose the client.  However, once I convert from contractor to employee, I hope to share exciting details about the company where I start Monday.

I am hoping to get a chance to do some MVC work at this new company.  And, to celebrate this, I have already started my foray into this new (actually, it's really old) technology.  I have been pouring over the MVC videos over at, where I have purchased an annual subscription.  I highly recommend them.  You can check out some of their videos for free.

And, I have re-written my flagship website, www.Mild.Net completely in MVC!  If I have some time, I hope to share two of the hurdles I had to overcome to make this work.


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