National Weather Service predicting Flood conditions for Bound Brook

Oh no, hear we go again.  Right now, national weather service is predicting a crest of AT LEAST 34.8 feet at the Raritan River. Downtown floods around 30.5 or 31.5 feet (I'm trying to remember exactly, anyone feel free to e-mail me to correct me).  So, its preducted to be at least 3 or 4 feet of water in down town as of 7PM on Sunday.  I write "AT LEAST", because the chart hasn't flattened out.  I guess they only try to preduct 36 hours in advance.

Bound Brook residents should keep an eye on the blog at for local updates.  Bound Brook OEM is reporting that Somerset County will be closing the flood gates at 6PM today.  The flood control project here is Bound Brook is so close to being completed, but it is not completed.  So, at the very last, from my own limited understanding, there is no gate over the tracks leaving Bound Brook going toward Bridgewater.  So, water can get in there essentially limiting the effectiveness of the flood control for this hurricane.

My heart goes out to everyone affected.


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