Added Mild.MembershipProvider to GitHub

Tonight, I added Mild.MembershipProvider to GitHub.  This is a work in progress, but I got a new job and I probably won't have a chance to continue working on it for a while, so I'm posting it to Github in the hopes that maybe someone else will take an interest and continue the labor of love. 

It's a re-write of the old Microsoft membership provider. I started with the ScottGu's link to the source: Then, I did a lot of ReSharper to it. Finally, I began the process of applying the Dependency Injection pattern to the ADO.NET portions of the code. My plan was to re-write the ADO.NET portions with Linq-To-Sql. Now, I'm thinking maybe I should add a version of the code with Massive.

The idea is that we should be able to use any data source we want easily without having to worry about sacrificing all the functionality built-in to the ASP.NET 2.0 Providers. I know that Microsoft is re-writing their Providers anyway to work well with the new compact and express versions of SQL Server, but they did not release the source of that yet (as far as I know), so we can't really do much with that in the open source community. So, I used the old ASP.NET Provider source code as my starting point.


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