Why do 85% of Catholics go to Mass these days?

Thinking about the state of things here in the Tri-State area of the Roman Catholic Church. It's a sad time. So many of our churches are devoid of experience of the presence of God. I see the statistics that such a high percentage of Catholics no longer believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
Yet, there are still many who go to church on Sunday. I see them when I go to church. And honestly, I wonder why so many of them go.
I would think that if you do not believe in the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, then you are probably not worried either about committing a mortal sin? Maybe 10% are worried that they might go to hell if they don't go to Church.
Maybe another 5% have an experience of a personal relationship with Christ and maybe they go to Church to encounter Him in the Eucharist. I am in that 5%.
But, what about the other 85% percent? I mean, at this point, who goes to Church because they trust their priest or because they trust the Church? I apologize to my 3 or 4 Facebook friends who are priests, but at this point, even for the vast majority of you who are selflessly serving Christ and your flocks -- the damage and the over emphasis of focus on the Catholic Church, while neglecting the same kinds of issues in our school systems, or among Protestant ministers. The damage is done, and your credibility has been stolen from you, even if you are in the silent vast majority of the innocent sacrificing priests. And, I'm still waiting for the other foot to drop on the whole sex abuse scandal. It ain't over guys. There is more coming. The stuff I'm hearing whispered, I cannot repeat it here. Know that it is going to get worse. And the media will magnify it ten fold.
Why do the other 85% percent come to church? The only thing I can figure is that they must come for social reasons. They have a parent that still goes to church. Or, they have friends there. Or I am missing something.
Yet, there is no reason to despair. God is preparing to reap a massive harvest of souls for His Kingdom. He is raising up an army and Satan is going to fall from the sky in defeat. Satan can nail the Church to the cross, and God will raise Her from the dead, just as He raised His own Son 2000 years ago. So, game on.


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