Things have sure changed!

Hi. My name is Bill Mild. When I was 18, I was pro-choice, and I went on my first pro-life march, because I was curious. It was a big part of my shift into a pro-life, catholic worldview. For many years, I watched the main stream media minimize and ignore the pro-life march.

About 7-8 years back, I somehow acquired and I was very excited to build a website that would expose what I thought were the lies of the main stream media regarding the March For Life by attempting to track the bias of news articles around the March for Life.  I was doing this long before Trump popularized despising the main stream media among conservatives in his presidential campaign.  Over time, and long before Trump started calling himself pro-life, I became pleasantly surprised to observe a shift toward more honest coverage of the March For Life.  This has rendered obsolete the whole reason why I started this website.

The political currents have shifted and, I too have internally shifted.  I used to be focused against liberal ideology.  However, I am now more concerned with the damage caused by conservative ideology, especially how it poisons the Gospel message for the surrounding post-modern culture in which we are immersed.  My politics are guided by Catholic social teaching, which is morally conservative, but economically, well, not so simple.  Catholic social teaching is just as concerned about capitalism as with communism.  It stands up for the family, the widow, and the orphan.  It encourages large families, at least in theory.  It advocates for the right of immigration, and a reasonable distribution of the means of production, while also upholding the right to own private property.  Catholic social teaching fits in with Trump now, just as much as it fit in with Obama before.  It doesn't!

I took this site down when those boys with the Maga hats were misrepresented by the media as taunting a Native American and a group African Americans.  I went along with the mad rush to condemn a perceived cozying up of pro-life and racist motivations.  Then, it turned out that these boys were completely thrown under the bus by the liberal media for political gain. It exposed my own wrong assumption that someone wearing a Maga hat is automatically a racist.

Afterwards, I suppose for all the reasons above, I could not bring myself to restore the website.  I no longer know what to do with this website.  I certainly do not want to run a website which catalogs fake news, because this theme now associates me with a man voted into power with the apparent help from a foreign government and the support of white supremacists.

I have wanted to post an explanation, maybe for my own conscience, more than anyone else reading this.  I'm sorry to end this so abruptly, but I do not know what else to write for now.


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