Almost two years at Kennedy International

Well, I am closing in on two years working at Kennedy International.  This is a reminiscing post on the positives of working at Kennedy International.

I love seeing my work in production and being used by people in the same building where I work.  The Drop Ship line is now using the angular mobile website that I wrote to ship over 1000 packages per weekday.  This is an exhilarating experience unlike a software house, where the programmer is disconnected physically from the end user by a project manager.  I love that I can take a walk in the warehouse and see my technology in use.

I love sitting underneath a shipping containing in the shade and watching the warehouse employees play soccer at lunch, while I eat Guatemalan cuisine cooked by the wife of one of the warehouse managers (for a bi-weekly fee).  Just yesterday, an electrical contractor looked at me sitting outside under my shipping container, and he said to me, "You're living the life!"  I smiled and said, "Yes."

I like not being the most conservative person in the office.  I work for a company with a strong Orthodox Jewish culture.  The office is a nice break from the surrounding postmodern culture,and I do not stick out with my catholic viewpoints, at least not anymore than anyone else sticks out.  I know that I likely may never work in an environment like this again, if I were to move on to another employer.

I like the size of my projects.  I have been getting projects which are 3 to 6 months in length, on average, with a lot of quick "win" in-between projects.  A quick "win" is when you do a small thing, but it makes a bit positive impact, like fixing an error that was getting on the nerves of 10 or 15 people.

I appreciate that I was given the opportunity to hone my Angular skill set.  I now have two projects under my belt.  The first project took 6 months due to the learning curve.  The second project was about as complicated as the first one, but it took me 2 months.

I like who I work with.  I have a great manager who is very flexible and allows me to use new technologies.  The development team is small, three of us working for the VP of Operations and Technology, who is also in the programming trenches.  I get along great with my other two co-workers.

I like the pace of change -- fast!  We are growing so fast, that we just moved to a warehouse that is 40% bigger than the last one, and we are already running out of space.  I continue to support automation of the shipping processes and my goal is to work myself out of this job.


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