One year at Kennedy International

I had my one year anniversary my place of employment, Kennedy International.  It has been quite a ride.  I am learning a lot about EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which is a standard that businesses use to send business documents to each other.  At Kennedy International, we use EDI to receive Purchase Orders and to send Shipping Notifications, Invoices, and more.  It is really fun working in a warehouse.  We are gaining the efficiencies that we will need to stay competitive in this age of the Amazon takeover.  At Kennedy International, we get the Jewish holidays and today is Rosh Hashanah.  This is why I have time to write this little blog post.  I'm on holiday!  Happy New Year!

I drive to Dayton for work every weekday now.  They are building new warehouses like crazy out there.  As the retail stores close, they are being replaced by warehouses which need to carry all the items which you are ordering everyday over the Internet from your home computer.  I am enjoying being on the cusp of this wave.  EDI is the language of Internet commerce.

On another note, this Sunday, I am grilling at the Saint Joseph Parish International Picnic.  I'm bringing in my charcoal grill, burgers, hot dogs, and condiments.  It is going to be a lot of fun.  2PM in front of the church.  Come on over, have a burger and tell me you heard about it on my blog.

I'm enjoying my family.  Tonight, I think we are going to watch the new Beauty and the Beast, which just went onto Netflix.  And on Sunday, after the International Picnic, we are planning to watch Guardians of the Galaxy II.

In the name of simplification of my life, I'm getting ready to shut down my web server, since my last web hosting client will soon be off the server, and I can no longer afford the luxury.. I'm pointing to the Bound Brook NJ Events Facebook page.  And, soon I will point directly to this blog.

That's it for now.


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