Continuing to work on

Well, this is the second year that will be running for the March For Life.  I added a way to link to the "official" march websites.  I also added the ability for people who post photos onto my site to link back to their own website.

There is just so much that I could do to improve this site.  Yet, I am a father of 6, a husband, and and also a full-time employee.  At the same time, I am trying to maintain some semblance of a prayer life and get to the gym once every couple of weeks (better than nothing, ha?), and I continue learn about healing.  Very fascinated right now with  And, Joanne gave me the first 10 Lehman Live Ministry Series DVDs for Christmas (  I'd like to put together a small group this year to watch some of them together.  Contact me if you live near me and are interested.

So, where is the time to work on  Well, not much.  What I do, I give as a gift to the Blessed Mother in gratitude for her intercession before the Father.  And, I know that redemption of culture from death to life is not about us changing the world.  No, it;'s not.  It's about us getting out of the way and opening ourselves to Jesus.  It's about the mercy of Jesus.  If He wants me to work on, then He will give me the grace and open the way.


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