Opening Games for the Little League

 Well, this was a new experience for me.  I watched my son David's opening Tee Ball game.  It started with a parade.  Fire trucks, police. rescue squad.  Slider the mascot for the Somerset Patriots was there!

My smart phone battery died, or else I would have actually gotten some pictures of the game.  I learned all kinds of stuff about Tee Ball today.  It really isn't about winning or loosing.  There's no strikes or outs.  The kids each get a turn hitting.  Then, they switch and the other team gets a chance hitting.  The hitters always get on base.  For each hit, they advance to the next base.  When the last hitter hits, they all runs around and tag home plate.  I enjoyed watching some of the kids run to the wrong base.  The hot dogs and hamburgers were delicious.

Mayor Carey Pilato gives a great speech. 


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