Full-time Employment with Cadec Global

I'm really exciting that this past Monday I became a full-time employee at Cadec Global.  Cadec provides  advanced mobile-technology services, GPS satellite tracking and advanced solutions for the optimized management of distributed assets.  In other words, they have these hardware decides which get installed into trucks and buses allowing transportation companies to tracking their vehicles in real-time.  I am working on their PowerVue 2.0 product, specifically on the web portal that our customer log into and view their trucks, trailers, drivers, etc., in real time.

I've been a contractor for two months and since everything went very well, they extended the full-time offer to me.  Since Cadec Global is based in Manchester, New Hampshire, they have offered to me this opportunity to work from home.

I'm really going deep into JavaScript and jQuery with this new opportunity.  We have been using Google's Chart Tools which are really incredible.  I'm enjoying working with this great team of engineers and I fell like I am adding value to their commercial solution.


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