Voting Democrat Locally and Republican at the State Level

For reasons which are odd -- I won't go into them today -- I am a registered Republican.  I will tend towards Republican candidates when I vote at the State level tomorrow.

However, local Bound Brook politics is a completely different story.  I'm voting Democrat: Pranzatelli and Carroll. The main reason is the pathetic flyer I got from the Republicans today.  DO THEY REALLY THINK I AM THAT STUPID???  When one party accuses the other party of "voting for $30,000 pay raises," I raise my eye browse and my bull-feces radar rings loud.  There is almost always a good reason behind such statistics.  Usually, both parties will fire half-truth barbs at each other.  This year, however, I received a thoughful written explanation from the Demcrats containing an open letter from  John Buckley in my mail about that accusation, which -- by the way -- did not make me feel stupid with one liner zingers. Thank You John.  You were always a great neighbor on West Main Street when I lived next to you and I am so joyful for your efforts to bring sanity to the polticial process in Bound Brook.

Long live the Bound Brook Democrats!  (At least for this year :-))


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