September 2010 Update

Life has changes...

First, I have left Electric Vine and moved on to consulting for Worlco Computer Resources.  Through Worlco, I have been placed at Applied Dynamic Solutions ( using my ASP.NET / C# / SQL / jQuery / Javascript skillsets.  Also getting some new experience in the world of WCF, multi-threading, and WinForms programming.  Beyond that, the details are confidential.

Second, The project I've been working on over the past 5 months at Electric Vine has just gone live!  Congrats to Electric Vine for a fine roll out. It is a redesign of  In particular, I put most of my time into the Products and Merchandise tabs up through the View Cart page where you have to click on "Checkout." There's some cool AJAX and modal popups in there. It's driven by the Ignify e-commerce solution (, which integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP. So, all those products (and underlying SKUs) all map to a web-driven Ignify manager panel. All those flavors and sizes are mapped to individual SKUs where they track inventory real-time and integrate with a real-time orders service desk.

I also hooked up the forums from into the forum part of the Speak Up tab.


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