Re-purposing www.BoundBrook.Com

Today, I have re-activated  A little background might help.  I bought the domain name for about $700 a number of years back.  Originally, my plan was to use it to market my IT business.  Well, the IT business turned into a web development business and I slowly discovered that there is not market in Bound Brook for my emerging skillset (ASP.NET / C# / SQL Server).  So, I basically shut the website down.

The next idea was to donate it to the catholic church in town.  I made an offer to donate, but the pastor never followed through on my offer.  So, the domain name sat... and sat.  That offer is no longer on the table.  So, next,  I thought to myself, "this might be an opportunity to try the new Google domain parking service."  So, I set it up.  Well, that has added about $23.76 to my Google adwords account from October 20, 2009 until yesterday, a little more than $2 a month.  At my hayday on the old BoundBrook.Com, I had been making a whopping $10 a month.

Every once in a while, I get an e-mail with interest to buy the domain name.  Usually, I reply asking them what they plan to do with it, because, frankly, I live in this town and I'm open to good ideas.  No one ever gets back to me with  a reply when I do that.  I've never really wanted the municipality to own it, because, well, frankly, they should be using  I still can't figure out why they are using  Maybe they just don't want to pay the $125 per year ( for the dot gov name.  Just seems like common sense to me that a citizen or a commercial entity should own that domain name.  If you ask me today, I don't think I want to sell it.

So, there have been a lot of changes on the web and I thought I would try playing with some of the latest cloud stuff.  So, I'm starting by putting up a map of real estate in Bound Brook (thank you Google!).  And, I'm working on building out an aggregate of local Bound Brook blogs, starting with mine.


  1. Love the idea about blogging... I have a couple and i will be glad to contribute.

  2. Any desire to hear from former residents of Bound Brook that still care about the town they grew up in?

    Let me know
    Bill Lazenby


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