Why Primershee?

I have had this dream of building something, anything really, as a service where I can charge something, like maybe $10 a month, and see if I can grow it. I had a bunch of ideas and I prayed about all of them. I've always been frustrated with Intuit Quickbooks and Microsoft Money. I enjoyed Fogbugz in a company setting, but it is obviously focused on small companies of 20 to100 employees. There's nothing out there for the small fish, like me, which addresses my needs -- end to end. Starting with prospecting, then estimating projects, then maintaining documents in the same app, tracking time against the estimate, and finally gaining intelligence from the data for to improve future estimates. So, Primershee is about addressing that nitch.

About a month ago, I released a beta. I've been fixing lots of bugs and also filling in some obvious gaps in functionality. It doesn't help with prospecting yet and the analytics are still weak, but it does the core thing - estimating, timekeeping, and invoicing. It also tracks basic accounts receivable, what a client owes me and when they make a payment.

Yes, but why Primershee? Our son Joseph has an imaginary friend, Primershee. He's very tactile and his friends are all hand signs. So, Primershee is a girl and she wears a dress. I asked Joseph if we could use his friend Primershee as our logo. He said okay and the domain name was available. So, it's called Primershee.


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