March and April 2008 Activities

What have I been up to?
On a personal level, we celebrated Joanne's 40th birtdhay on April 22 with a low-key day.  I took the day off from work and helped out around the house.  Her mother cooked a wonderful manicotti dinner for her birthday.
We are taking as sabbatical from our local parish at Saint Joseph and have started attending the next town over at Immaculate Conception in Somerville.  I am participating in a 6:30 AM Men's Bible Study which is doing a ligh level overview of the Bible using Jeff Cavin's 24-week Bible Timeline.
On the business side, about a month ago, a revenue generating project dropped into my lap.  I don't know if the client would like it if I were to disclose datails or not, so I am not going to talk about it on this blog at this point.  So, the chamber of commerce business listing product took a back burner.


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