ASP.NET AJAX in Action

All I can say is WOW!  Get this book!  ASP.NET AJAX in Action blows the covers off of Microsoft's AJAX library.  And you know what?  It has very little to do with AJAX!  After seeing, it's seems pretty likely to me that the Microsoft AJAX library is perhaps an early release of the Volta labs project?  At the core of Micorosft ASP.NET AJAX is a javascript library which enables .NET-like functionality at the Javascript level, such as creation of namespaces, classes, and events.  It is a browser agnostic abstration API which allows programmers to write javascript without having to worry about all the browser specific quirks.  Microsoft is re-creating the entire .NET platform on top of Javascript.  And, the first public release of this is, well, ASP.NET AJAX.  This is why so many of the AJAX Control Toolkit controls really have nothing to do with AJAX.  It's really not about AJAX.  It's about javascript!
Aside from all that, ASP.NET AJAX in Action gives a great indepth explanation of all the AJAX features of the ASP.NET AJAX library.  I am looking foward to incorporating some of the AJAX functionality into the controls that I am now writing for the Chamber of Commerce market.


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