January and Februrary 2008 Activities

So, what have I been up to?
Well, I put a whole lot of time into our basement here at home.  It's all redone with a nice new carpet now.  And I have started full steam ahead on some products.  I am going back into www.BoundBrook.Com and re-engineering parts of it into products.  I'm planning on a Chamber of Commerce product which I'd like to market nationally to local chambers (perhaps offering an Google advertising version to smaller chambers who can't afford their own website).  At the center of this product will be the stardard business listing which I have always had on www.BoundBrook.Com.  I also have ideas for some image controls for developers to help with website image management.
And, in the process, I am getting my hands dirty with LINQ.  And, having finally just read most of Nikhill Kothari's ASP.NET Server Controls, I hope to write some of my own ASP.NET server controls for the first time.  I've always just built a simple User Control when I needed to re-use some UI functionality and was afraid of the relative complexity of server controls compared to user controls.  It's time overcome that fear.


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