Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 2011 Update

I am continuing down the road of finding my next paying opportunity.  Yet, I have sensed a peace from the Lord about my present unemployment.  I probably apply for about 8 or 9 jobs each week.  I have a phone interview tomorrow morning for one potential match.

I finished reading the Design Patterns book.  It turned out to be quite a challenging read, mostly because all of the examples were in C++.  I am now reading Eloquent JavaScript, which feels like quite a relief from the last book.  It reads so much faster!  It's a good JavaScript review in the context of great coding advice.

I've continued work on the new Membership Provider.  I have gone through the code and cleaned it up from the perspective of ReSharper.  I have also abstracted out the data layer code into a dependency injection pattern (using Ninject).  Next, I will be going into the stored procedures and re-writing it as LINQ code.

We were approved for an $18,000 forgivable loan from the government to bring our house up to code.  This afternoon, a general contractor will be coming over to look at the work to be done in the house and bid on the project.  After the work gets done, the loan will be forgiven once we live in our home for another 10 years.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Khan Academy

Check out Khan Academy.  This can help kids that are behind in math.  They are looking for pilot school districts to try it out in their classes.  I think this could drastically improve productivity in the Bound Brook Schools (public, private, catholic, whatever): http://www.khanacademy.org/about/blog/post/5238524833/next-wave-of-school-pilots.

We are going to try out Khan Academy with Billy for his math over the remainder of this summer (we homeschool our boys).